Feel tired and sluggish in the morning?

Lack energy throughout the day?

Need coffee, fizzy drinks and sugar to keep you awake?

Struggle to lose weight despite all your efforts?

Gas, bloating or indigestion?

Feeling depressed, anxious or unhappy?

Trouble focusing?


If the answer is yes to a few of the above, you'll know you're living day to day in a way that isn't fulfilling your full potential and you capacity for real happiness. Getting out of bed in the morning shouldn't be so hard, and getting through the day isn't supposed to be a struggle! We have everything we need within us to be fully energised and alive in our daily lives, but first we need to wake up the body and quieten the mind! How? Just get in the yoga loup.

Yoga will not only make you feel so much healthier, but it will promote the desire to behaviour more healthily off your mat.

Our focus is understanding the importance of health and vitality in the body in order to nurture a healthy and positive mind. With a strong flexible body and a peaceful mind, you will be well on the way to a happy life!

This results in more conscientious action, balanced and happy people understanding the implications of their choices on themselves and others, which ultimately determines your state of wellbeing.

Yoga is so powerful at creating change as it requires us to feel discomfort, to become vulnerable and to be in places in our own bodies and minds that can feel entirely foreign to us.

We realise that although we use our bodies and minds every day, we are often completely disconnected from them. Slowly, through regular practice, we open up and realise just how long we have been absent. Everyone's yoga journey is different, but all lead us towards understanding ourselves better. The more conscious we become of our own bodies and minds, the more we realise the importance of nourishing ourselves with natural foods and caring for the resources we have. We go full circle, learning to live healthily, humanely and happily. We re-connect and get in the loop through Yoga.


Although life can deal us a rough hand at times, and everyone will experience struggle throughout their lives, we have the capacity to be fulfilled and at peace. Making good choices for our mind and body is, without question, the foundation to building a grounded, strong and happy life. This applies to everyone, everywhere.

If we all want to be happy, why does it seem that we undermine this pursuit with the choices we make? We don't do this on purpose, but the way many of us live seems out of sync with our nature. Let's not forgot human beings have been around for thousands of years, and as creatures of this planet we have lived as foragers, using our bodies to climb trees to get our food! Through our fast-tracked mental development, we have drastically changed the way we eat, think and live, yet biologically we are very similar to the way we were about 200,000 years ago.

Modern times create unnatural disturbances within our minds and bodies through the food we eat, environments we live in and the high pressure of our socio-economic systems. This makes us stressed and in a lot of cases, sick.

This lack of wellbeing both mentally and physically results in the highest levels of chronic illness that's ever been recorded, as well as the highest rates of depression and anxiety, obesity and type II diabetes. But it also creates problem for us on a day to day basis. It is now considered normal to have a lack of energy, problems sleeping, shortness of breath, weight gain, migraines, bloating, mood swings and stress.

There will never be a time when we don't have moments of fatigue, feeling ill or getting stressed, but this shouldn't be accepted as how we live regularly. If the way we live perpetuates the symptoms listed above, surely, we have to change it, not just because we want to be healthy and fit, but because we want to be happy.

We cannot be happy when we are stressed and sick.

Everyone has their own mechanisms to cope with the demands of daily life, and different things work for different people. However, whatever path you take, the only way to do this successfully is to re-connect with yourself and your body through quietening the busy mind. My way of getting the most out of my life, every day, is to practice. Meditation, philosophy and asana of Yoga.

'Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness.'

There are many aspects of our lives that are out of control, and of course many of us suffer from very real challenges which yoga will by no means solve. What it will do is give you respite, allow you to re-connect with your breath, and create a little space for yourself.


If we know how to care and share, no poverty or hunger need exist anywhere

Just be good and do good. It's very simple

Foregt your selfishness, make others happy, and you will be the happiest person. By seeing others happy, you cant be unhappy. So, at least for your own happiness, make others happy.

Sri Swami Satchidananda

Loup Yoga is founded on the ideology that this practice must be widely available. Yoga is not a hobby for the privileged, it is an investigative study into ourselves and the science of our minds, that should be accessible to all.

If you are interested in the practice of yoga but are unable to join a studio in London, please get in touch.

Loup Yoga offers free community sessions in disadvantaged areas, with poor socio-economic conditions and will be happy to organise sessions in your area.

Loup Yoga was developed by Louise de Menthon who has spent her life in the pursuit of caring for others and supporting those less fortunate or able.

Louise is particularly passionate about working with both children and adults with disabilities in order to bring more joy into their lives.

She has worked and suppored children with autism from the age of 16 and believes this work came to her to teach her and allow her to teach others. Louise continued to work with disabled children but brought her focus onto their education and how this could be improved for their benefit.

She now passionately believes that yoga will create profound change in the lives of many children and adults with disabilities and their families.

If you have a child, or care for a person with a disability, Loup Yoga would love to meet you.

We offer free classes to those who are unable to pay, and hope we can make a positive difference through the magic of yoga!

May the sacred science of Yoga inspire us to become masters of our minds, to find peace and joy within ourselves and to share the same with all humanity.

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