Come and join Loup Yoga’s weekly evening classes in Notting Hill. Every Tuesday from 7:20pm – 8:20pm join Louise at the Westbourne Grove Church in a beautiful space. This is a one-hour vinyasa class open to everyone – from complete beginners to more experienced yogis. An evening class helps to settle and calm the mind after a busy day, allowing you to create time and space to look after your mind and body. Only £12 per person for a drop in class and £10 per class if you buy a pack of 5 classes!


Loup Yoga offers group sessions for between 4-6 people.

You get a group together, we discuss the location and then we begin!

£50 per hour per session for the group

Special offer for 6 session bookings - 20% off


Loup Yoga offers 1:1 sessions. These allow us to focus solely on deepening your practice and where you'd like to develop. £50 per hour per session.


Loup Yoga will be offering public classes and workshops, so sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loup! click on the link to our Blog to find out more.

VINYASA FLOW - one movement one breath

Our Vinyasa flow classes promote the balance of strength and softness, focusing on moving the body in order to still the mind. We offer classes suitable for complete beginners to the more advanced students. Our purpose is to re-connect with the body, to tune in and feel what is going on inside. Our flow classes will encourage you to sweat, practice moving towards balances and inversions and have fun, but just as importantly - you will have the time and space to breath into deep poses, increase flexibility, stretch in stillness and deeply relax.


Ashtanga Vinyasa offers a very different class - building focus and strength. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga was developed by Pattabhi Jois, a student of 'the father of modern yoga,' Krishnamcharya. We follow a set sequence, although in this modified version we do make minor adjustments. The focus is on breath, posture and gaze. We teach specific breathing techniques, as well as how to engage our 'bandas,' meaning body locks. This is a strong practice that will require a reasonable level of physical fitness.

RESTORATIVE/YIN - slow, steady, still, soft

Yin is a passive but deeply effective form of yoga. We move into poses that target our connective tissues, specifically the fascia, and hold the pose for 3-7 minutes. Yin increases circulation, allows our muscles to lengthen and therefore improves flexibility significantly. Yin is deeply relaxing and resotriative, as well as mentally and emotionally challenging at times as we are required to remain in reasonably intense poses for a prolonged period of time. It is this discomfort which makes Yin such a transformative practice.

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